QUAD believes that communication is a human right. We believe that aesthetics should not be sacrificed for content or budget. We strive to make films that are as aesthetically beautiful as they are socially relevant.

QUAD Productions, is a non-profit media collective focused on the research, development and production of film and video projects that support and effect progressive social consciousness.

What Other People Have to Say about QUAD’s Work

“A rare and exciting snapshot of living history…not to be missed.”
– Julianne Hing, Colorlines

“Yuri is gracious and fiery and so is Angela – it’s surprising the film doesn’t blow up the camera. This is certainly a film – a precedent setting film – one does not want to miss.”
– Wanda Sabir, San Francisco Bay View – National Black Newspaper

“Telling the story of twentieth-century social change as a chronicle of affection, of correspondence in postcards and letters, of mutual admiration and activist friendship, of two embraces between two comrades,Mountains That Take Wing reminds us that the wild wonder of liberation struggle is not only ours for the taking but already, literally, in our own hands. It is a film that educates with tenderness and passion.”
– Erica R. Edwards, Professor (UC Riverside)

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