Mountains That Take Wing

Through conversations that are intimate and profound, we learn about Davis, an internationally renowned scholar-activist and 88-year-old Kochiyama, a revered grassroots community activist and 2005 Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Their shared experience as political prisoners and their dedication to Civil Rights embody personal and political experiences as well as the diverse lives of women doing liberatory cultural work.

América’s Home

Filmed over four years in over a dozen communities from Santurce to Las Gladiolas, Campo Alegre, La Ciudadela, Paseo Caribe and La Perla to Chicago’s Lincoln Park and Humboldt Park, América’s Home is a visually intoxicating, inspiring documentary that is as much about displacement and empire as it is about the transformative power of the cultural arts, community and belonging.

QUAD Believes

QUAD believes that communication is a human right. We believe that aesthetics should not be sacrificed for content or budget. We strive to make films that are as aesthetically beautiful as they are socially relevant.

QUAD Productions, is a non-profit media collective focused on the research, development and production of film and video projects that support and effect progressive social consciousness.