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bad form: queer, broke & Amazing! (working title)
(SPRING 2022 - approximately 90 mins - USA)

BAD FORM: QUEER, BROKE & AMAZING! (working title) refreshingly challenges the myth of gay affluence and reveals an extraordinary world of resilient, economically struggling LGBT people and allies in the Deep South, Southwest, Navajo Nation and queer, coastal Meccas of the U.S. who are surviving, thriving, and trying to get everyone free.  Featuring nearly 100 interviews, including Angela Y. Davis, Barbara Smith, Clair Farley, Arthur Áviles, Monica Jones, Kenyon Farrow and Mary Hooks, this stunning cacophony illuminates a universal truth about poverty: Poor LGBT might be broke, but they are far from broken. In fact, they are amazing! And, their insights might just lead all of us in the direction of freedom. 


BAD FORM: QUEER, BROKE & AMAZING! is the recipient of a Film/Video Studio Program (Art & Tech) Post-Production Residency Award from the Wexner Center for the Arts.

PHOTO: Declan Cante sings in front of "Lo Llevas Por Dentro" (2004) by Jet Martinez, a mural in the Clarion Alley Project (CAMP) - San Francisco, California - The Mission District. 


Kayla Moore's story in BAD FORM: QUEER, BROKE & AMAZING!  a new documentary by C.A. Griffith and H.L.T. Quan, directors of MOUNTAINS THAT TAKE WING - ANGELA DAVIS & YURI KOCHIYAAMA.

Bad Form: Queer, Broke & Amazing! will be out soon, but KAYLA'S STORY CAN'T WAIT. Please sign the petition here.


In this 7-minute segment, learn about Kayla Moore from those who loved her, and how race, poverty and gentrification collided with transphobia and police violence on the night of February 12, 2013. Berkeley’s Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) was closed when Kayla’s friend called 911 for a mental health medical evaluation. Police responded and tried to arrest Kayla on an invalid warrant. Six officers sat on her as she lay face-down on her stomach until she was dead in her Section 8 apartment just a few blocks away from UC Berkeley.

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