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QUAD's award winning films have been viewed around the world, from film festivals to university presentations. 

Feature Length Films

Kayla Moore's Story In QUEER, BROKE, & AMAZING!

Kayla Moore's Story in
queer, broke, & amazing!

Kayla's Story Can't Wait

Kayla Moore's story in Queer, Broke, & Amazing!, a new documentary by C.A. Griffith and H.L.T. Quan, directors of Mountains That Take Wing - Angela Davis & Yuri Kochiyama. Queer, Broke & Amazing! will be out soon, BUT Kayla's story can't wait. Please sign the petition here.


In this 7-minute segment, learn about Kayla Moore from those who loved her, and how race, poverty and gentrification collided with transphobia and police violence on the night of February 12, 2013. Berkeley’s Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) was closed when Kayla’s friend called 911 for a mental health medical evaluation. Police responded and tried to arrest Kayla on an invalid warrant. Six officers sat on her as she lay face-down on her stomach until she was dead in her Section 8 apartment just a few blocks away from UC Berkeley.


América’s Home

Not Everything of Value is for Sale

América’s Home is the story of América Sorrentini-Blaut, a feisty Puerto Rican woman in her 70s and her fight against developers intent on bulldozing her community and her family’s historic home. Her story is one of many tales of resistance against rampant greed, gentrification and displacement taking place all across the American Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and on the mainland.

América lives on a fixed income in Chicago and struggles to restore her mother’s historic home in Santurce, a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of the “new” San Juan.  Aided by a group of her contemporaries, the youngest of whom is 65, these “retired” construction workers and artisans painstakingly restore the house and transform it into Casa Sofia, a cultural center named in honor of América’s mother.


When developers offered her $2 million dollars to knock down Casa Sofia so that they could build exclusive condos, she refused. As one activist observes, “Not everything of value is for sale.”

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Mountains that take wing

Thirteen years, two inspiring women, both radical activists – one conversation.

Angela Davis & Yuri Kochiyama in an inspiring, historically rich and unique documentary featuring conversations that span thirteen years between two formidable women who share a profound passion for justice.

Through conversations that are intimate and profound, we learn about Davis, an internationally renowned scholar-activist and 88-year-old Kochiyama, a revered grassroots community activist and 2005 Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Their shared experience as political prisoners and their dedication to Civil Rights embody personal and political experiences as well as the diverse lives of women doing liberatory cultural work.

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honors & awards

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QUAD is honored to be recognized by international film festivals for its work.

Mountains That Take Wing

  • San Francisco Black Film Festival, Winner, St. Clair Bourne Award for Best Feature Documentary

  • Some Prefer Cake Lesbian Film Festival – Bologna, Italy – Winner, Audience Award for Best Feature Film

  • COMMFEST (Global) Community Film Festival – Toronto, Canada – Winner, MADA Award (Make A Difference Award) for Best Feature Documentary

  • Mid-Atlantic Black Film Festival – Norfolk, Virginia – Finalist, Best Feature Documentary

  • Nominated for a 2011 American Library Association Notable Video Award for Adults.

QUAD Productions

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