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Sarah Suhail, Ph.D.

Member: QUAD Productions

Sarah Suhail is the newest member of QUAD Productions, although she began as a production assistant on Queer, Broke & Amazing! Suhail is a queer feminist teacher, organizer, human rights lawyer, and activist, focusing mainly on land, labor, women, and queer rights. Sarah began her work in 2008 as a movement lawyer in Lahore, Pakistan. She worked with land and water rights movements in Southern Punjab, with indigenous fisher folk of the southern Indus, farmers within the peasant movement in Punjab, defenders of commons land, escaped bonded laborers in Sindh; and Khawaja Sira, trans, and queer community struggle. She is also a freelance asylum advocate for refugees in the global north. Sarah has taught at the undergraduate level since 2008 in Pakistan and the US. Currently, she works as a Lecturer of Justice Studies.

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